The ultimate guide to the latest trends in emo hairstyles

Emo culture is so popular right now, and there’s no better time to take advantage of it! With all these different styles available in just one day you can do something new every single week. You’re interested? Check out our compilation below showcasing some cool emo hairstyles that will bring your individuality while still being on trend

30 Cool Emo Hairstyles Ideas

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Different Emo Hairstyles

The emo punk cut with shaved sides and a long layer on top is perfect for any student who doesn’t want to worry about their hair. A girlier version of this hairstyle can be found in an asymmetrical bob, which was worn by Kristen Stewart at one time! There are many variations available – you could go short or keep it choppy

If you have curly hair, also try a pixie cut for something new! It’s super easy to maintain too because there’s not a lot of styling involved. And if straightening your locks seems like way too much work, then get

Pretty Light Pink Waves

What’s not to love about a light pink? This color will make your boring, dark brown or black hair stand out in all of its vibrant glory! Pink is perfect if you’re feeling tired after an especially long day. Give yourself some much-needed energy with this happy hue and enjoy how good it feels running through those locks again knowing that no one can ever compare because they don’t have what we do – our special shade named “pink.”

This color would also be ideal as an ombre, as the transition looks great on you. Even better: try beach waves made with a curling iron for texture and volume! It doesn’t have to look neat all the time either, which makes it even more fun!

The emo hairstyle has been popular since its inception in the 80s. Musicians like Kurt Cobain wore his signature style well

Short Emo Hair

Short emo hair pieces are perfect for girls who want to keep their hairstyle simple. This low maintenance haircut features high bangs that frame the face and can be styled up or down with gel, wax, mousse or pomade.

The short layers around the face also make it perfect for wavy curls! For a bolder look, try wearing your bangs in different directions, like forward and back over one eye.

Pros: – Simple yet elegant – Easy to maintain without going to the salon regularly – Works well on straight hair and curly hair

Cons: – Not suitable for all haircuts (i.e. shorter than jaw length)

Grown Gray Emo Hair

– There are different types of emo hairstyles, but the most common is a short cut with bangs and highlighted hair.

– The other type of emo hairstyles for girls include longer locks on top or shaved sides and back.

– Some popular haircuts include rainbow colors, rose petals, pink frosting, black cherry ice cream sundae and tiger stripe styles in different lengths, as well as dye tones for red hair like strawberry blonde to create even more looks.

– It’s so easy to do these days because all you need is your favorite scissors or clippers! You can also try different hairstyles using YouTube tutorials.

– For girls who want to be more feminine, it is possible to grow a gray emo haircut and turn your hair into highlights. It’s not difficult because all you need is bleach or at-home toner along with a regular dye like pink, purple, or blue that can make your hair look dull again!

Messy Emo Hairstyle

The messy emo hairstyle is one of the most popular emo haircuts for girls. If you want to have a bold and rebellious style, this haircut will suit your personality. This messy hair looks great with different color combinations such as dark purple, blue-green, pink or other cool colors that are trendy these days.

You can have a little more volume on top, but make sure it’s not too much so that the shape stays natural and that the ends are quite loose and don’t create an extreme look either. The good thing about these types of hairstyles is that they can be easily styled (curled) without looking greasy if you are looking for something low maintenance.”

Flat Side Swept Bangs Emo

The Flat Side Swept Bangs Emo hairstyle is a great way to create an emo look with long or short hair. It’s time consuming but the end result makes it worth every minute spent! To get this cut, first wet your bangs so they lie flat against one side of head using gel/wax products until dry naturally; combing towards where you want them hang down gently when done drying–this will depend on if someone has parted their own ways before styling (in which case let both sides fall). Then apply other types – wax can work well


Don’t wait another second! Emo hairstyles for girls provide a great way to express yourself and show off your unique personality. Whether you want something short, like the punk rocker look; or longer with more romantic features such as bobs- there’s no wrong answer here because we have so many different options available that will fit any mood & style preference imaginable – start searching today!.

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