Tips For Your Wedding Day

Want to ensure your wedding day Hairstyles Do, and not Hairstyles Don't.

1. If a Woman's Hair looks Great, She feels Great

You bride have enough to worry about on your wedding day. Having your wedding hairstyle turn into a hair don’t shouldn’t even cross your mind. Sit back, relax and browse our gallery of wedding hair for brides.

2. Research

Take some time to explore your options before settling on one hairstyle. Browse wedding and other Hairstyle magazines, wedding hairstyles gallery to get inspired.

3. Your Look

Your wedding hairstyle should flatter your dress and overall look - not complete with it. Use your dress style and the formality of the event as your guide. Dresses with halter necklines, ball gown silhouettes, or plunging backs practically scream for an updo. An unbuttoned beachside affair calls for long loose waves. You get the idea.

4. Face Shaped

There are many factors to consider when choosing a hairstyle. Your face greets you in the mirror every morning, and you and your hair go way back, so chances are you already know which hairstyles flatter your face and which fall flat. Even if you don't, here are some pointers: A long, thin face will look more so with a long, straight 'do, and ears that stick out a tad too far will be accentuated by a pulled back 'do. Along those lines, don't attempt a look that isn't you just because it's your wedding. Remember - your goal should be to look like your best version of you, not someone else.

5. The Weather

Make sure your wedding hairstyle will work with the day's weather conditions. This tip is especially crucial for weddings in humid climates. Do yourself - and your hair - a favor; don't force a curly mane into a sleek straight 'do for an outdoor.

6. The Right Length

Remember that many of the wedding hairstyles shown in magazines require long hair. The good news is that longer tresses can be achieved both naturally and artificially. You can either start growing it early or use clip-on extensions for added volume and length on the big day.

7. Stylists

If you love your usual stylist and are getting married locally, make sure he or she is available on your wedding date. Otherwise, start auditioning stylists for the big day. Many hair stylists are willing to travel, while others do not.

8. The Veil

Choosing your wedding hairstyle, you should ensure your tiara and veil will compliment and not hide it. If you have a long floor length veil, your hairstyle needs to be tough enough to hold it. Don't forget that your hairstyle and veil must work well together.

If you've already got the veil, bring it to your stylist before the wedding day so the stylist can create a style that complements both you and the headpiece.

Of if you're set on a certain hairstyle, have your stylist do a trial run on the same day that you plan to shop for your veil. This way you can easily determine what style of veil will work best for you wedding.  And Happy New Year.

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